Get Your House Professionally Inspected Before Buying

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Buying a house for you are your family is a matter far different from the other day to day decision we make. Buying a place to live is where you build your dreams and give protection and a sense of safety to your family and must never be compromised on. Where one focuses the right amount of time looking at the costs, renovations needed and the mortgage, it is of utmost value to make sure that one conducts at least the following three tests before the purchase is finalized: 

  1. Meth Inspection of the building  
  1. Pest Inspection of the building 

Meth Inspection  
So the word ‘Meth’ stands for methamphetamine and is more famously known as speed, crystal and crank and of course there could be other names for it too. What happens is that drug users or drug dealers can easily establish meth labs in their homes and it allows them to conduct their illegal businesses in a residential area where the chances of a police raid are fairly low as compared to that if the meth lab was operational in a commercial or industrial zone. Now, meth making is basically a cooking process that involves the burning of dangerous chemicals and other substances that could prove fatal to human health. The smoke that this emits can remain in the property for month, maybe for much more than that which can be highly hazardous for the ones living in that building or people in the close neighborhood.  

Pest Inspection 
This is anther most important inspection that one must not purchase the house without getting done on the house. Pest inspection is about inspecting the termite that might be there and the pest that could have damaged the woods. Even if there is no damage that seems visible to you when you go on your house buying mission, still you should go for a pest checkup because pests can attack the woods in your kitchen, rooms or the general flooring of your house. The woodwork done in your home is one of the most costly components of your house and is not something you can or would want to go through a wood repairing issue. So better safe now than being sorry later. The question is, who you are going to trust with such an important task of protecting your home. It should be done by someone or some organization that the Australia puts their trusts in and yes, you have landed at the right website. We are the professionals in this field and can provide you with support you need with reference to your need for meth inspections in Essendon. Termite breakouts are highly common in Melbourne, Australia, and dealing with it is one of our diverse specialties as we have a team comprising highly qualified and committed inspectors and pest control staff. So contact us right now to book an appointment with our inspector(s) to make an informed house purchase. For more information, please log on to

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